“That’s a bunch of Malarky”

Wonderful job from Biden, with the signature line of the entire debate from either side…

“That’s a bunch of Malarky”.

Amen, Joe.  Leave it to you to sum up the Romney/Ryan ticket in one succinct sentence.

One thing I really hate about American politics though is the focus on style over substance.  Maybe that’s to be expected, given the incredibly shallow understanding most Americans have of the issues.  In an America where “reality” TV “stars” are more well-known than the people we vote for, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many people focus on the personality of a politician, rather than what he stands for.  I AM disappointed though that the same focus on style seems to have infiltrated media coverage of politics. 

Who freakin’ CARES about how many times Biden smiled or laughed?  Who freakin’ cares about the “body language” of the two?  Shouldn’t people, and the media, be a little more focused on what was actually said?  Or what was NOT said…in the case of Ryan, when asked about any policy details?  How long can Romney/Ryan get away with just stating vague generalizations about policy? 

I guess as long as you continue to lie with “style”, it’s enough to potentially win you the presidency nowadays.

2 Responses to “That’s a bunch of Malarky”

  1. I think Ryan is a scarier ideologically -oriented person than Romney. And he is arrogant beyond belief. And he is an opportunist. But all those bleary-eyed zealots slapping their hands together at the rallies for R/R, think they are going to get a “deal” if these two win. I lived thru the election between Carter/Reagan in 1979–it was this same kind of glow people were thunking would rub off a former Governor/Movie Star and change their lives Well, it didn’t end well, and it isn’t going to this time. Flipping the Congress is essential!!. Please VOTE.

  2. Lori Changstrom

    Don and I were just talking about this last night. It would make so much more sense for people to vote based on the issues, rather than who looked better or sounded better in the debate. But, this goes back to Nixon/Kennedy – I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

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