My son and REAL life – ObamaCare

Our son, the week after coming home from the hospital after being diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes.

Obamacare isn’t popular.  But there ARE key provisions of Obamacare that are very popular.  One of these is a guarantee of insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, a provision supported by 85% of Americans.  Other provisions are also very popular, such as the ability to cover your children until they turn 26.  Despite the popularity of these provisions, about half of America would like ObamaCare to be repealed.  Perhaps that half should look past the political BS and look at the real-world effects of ObamaCare.

My 9-year old son has had Type-1 diabetes since just after his 1st birthday.  We are fortunate enough to have good insurance, but I shudder to think of those in our situation without insurance.  Our son has an insulin pump, which alone costs $8,000.  Supplies for the pump?  $1,800 every 3 months.  And that doesn’t include other supplies for testing blood, doctor visits, etc.  What happens for someone like us under Obamacare, vs. under the status quo?  What are the REAL world effects should Obamacare be repealed?

First, Obamacare extends the length of time parents can cover their children.  We could cover our son until his 26th birthday.  Secondly, once he turns 26 and needs to get his own coverage, he couldn’t be discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition.  But what if Obamacare is repealed?  What happens to someone like my son?  What happens when he turns 26, and has to get coverage on his own?  Could he even GET coverage, given that he has Type-1 diabetes?  What happens if he has to change jobs?  In a post-ObamaCare world, who pays the thousands of dollars for supplies that my son’s VERY LIFE depends upon???

My wife and I both have good jobs, but even so, I can’t imagine trying to pay for pump and other supplies, without insurance coverage.  That nightmare is a REALITY for thousands of Americans, until ObamaCare fully takes effect.  We OURSELVES have heard from families with poor or no insurance coverage, who have had a child diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes.  We OURSELVES have gotten stories from parents whose options are few.  For a parent with a child with Type-1 diabetes, you’re constantly fighting against time and the inexorable march of the disease.  As time marches on, the liklihood of complications rises, be it coronary disease, kidney damage, diabetic retinopathy resulting in blindness, etc.  Your ONLY weapon against it right now?  Controlling your child’s blood sugar as best as you can.  To do that, an insulin pump is indispensible.

But this is America.  We seem to value corporate profits more than the health of our own children.  For FAR too many with poor or no insurance coverage, the only choice is to skimp on diabetic supplies, using constant insulin injections and paying for testing supplies as you can.  Do you have ANY idea how DAMN HARD it is to constantly have to give your young child multiple shots, every day, day-after-day, with NO end?  Do you have ANY idea how DAMN HARD it is when the first phrase your child learns to put together is “No Shot!! No Shot!!!” (something we dealt with). It tears your heart out.  God knows I broke down like a baby the first time I had to give my son a shot, while he was in the hospital after being diagnosed.  And that definitely wasn’t the only time.

For the first year and a half after diagnosis, my 1-year old son had to endure a minimum of 3 injections per day, usually more.  Every meal had to be planned in advance, every carb counted.  For 8 years since, we’ve also maintained a constant regimen of blood tests, including my wife and I taking turns being the one who gets up in the middle of the night to check him.  Despite our best efforts, it was very difficult to control his blood sugars during that first year and a half.  Despite our best efforts, I felt like we were “failing” our son, because we knew that in the long-term, an inability to control blood sugars made diabetic complications much more likely.

When our son was 2, we were blessed with the opportunity to start using an insulin pump.  Instead of 3+ injections a day, he only needed one “site change” every 3 days.  Instead of carefully planning every meal and snack well ahead of time to ensure he was getting the right amount of carbs to match the insulin we estimated was left in his body…he now could now eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  We just have to type in the number of carbs, and the pump gives him the correct amount of insulin.  Best of all, his blood sugar control was DRAMATICALLY better.  We’ve at least done all we can to slow the progression of the disease.

But let’s say you’re a single mom without health insurance, and you’re facing the same nightmare we have.  Can that single mom afford a pump for her child?  Or is she forced to choose a life of painful injections, KNOWING there’s a better way, but also knowing that in America, the health of her child isn’t as important as the profits of a health insurer?  What about a middle class family in this situation who is forced into a job or location change?  Will that family be able to get insurance coverage for their child with a pre-existing condition?  Or will they too be forced to choose between incredibly expensive payments for insulin pump equipment, or using cheaper methods of blood sugar control?

Why should they HAVE to make that choice?  Is this America?  Or is this some third-world country with a government, health-care system, and a PEOPLE unable, or UNWILLING to make the health of their children a national priority?

THIS is the reality of ObamaCare.  It is NOT a political tool to be wielded like a weapon by the two parties. ObamaCare is about REAL PEOPLE.  It’s about covering people who’s very LIVES are in jeopardy without insurance coverage.  It’s about Americans acting as if they GIVE A DAMN about the health of their children.

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  1. Your son is beautiful. Your plea and argument is sound–there are chronically sick Trpublicans too–why would repealing Obama care be in their or their elderly parents’ or childrens’ best interests?? Why would any one who is poor or needs govt assistance for food stamps, student loans, health care, social security, veterans’ benefits, housing grace, etc–why would anyone with those needs think voting for Republicans is going to make them better off than they are?? Romney and the men running his super pacs will still be rich. But what about YOU?

  2. What about the folks who need health care, student loans, food stamps, veterans’ benefit, elderly care, clean air and water, teachers, nurses, firefighters to help them?Republicans are not all rich and I don’t understand why they buy this koolaid about slash and burn anything which helps regular people with extraordinary needs as a good thing. We are lucky enough to live in America in a time of advanced science and technology–but what if none of it is available to save one’s life, get one through school, feed one’s children, detect the breast cancer or help pay for diabetic medication? Isn’t this the freedom and liberty and justice for all men and women fight and die for?

  3. This is such a good post, and I am so sorry your son and you and your wife have to deal with the diabetes. I have no doubt that the injections are so difficult to administer, and so glad for the pump. Diabetes can be devastating, and it can be controlled.

    I know a gentleman who is in his early 70s and has been diabetic nearly all his life, Type I. He is physically healthy, his eyesight is good. From the moment he learned he was diabetic, he and his wife adhered closely to the proper diet, and it has paid off big time. I pray for the same for every diabetic, including your son.

    I find myself feeling rageful when I see those damn arrogant, cruel, wealthy political bastards carrying on against Obamacare. I want to grab them by the lapels, scream in their faces, and show them some real people they are planning to condemn to pain and suffering and death. And I want to beat the shit out of them. Really.

  4. My son has had diabetes since he was 11 months (Just turned 12 years old in March). We need a different program not the all or nothing plans the two sides are fighting about. I own a small business. To keep my family insured reuns about $1500 month (does not include dental/vision). Unlike an employee of a big company, I still have to pay SS/MED tax on the cost of the premiums. With a high deductible, my out of pocket expenses run about $700 month. Our health costs plus additional self employ tax cost me at least $27,000 a year. So why be against Obamacare? Obamacare says that individuals will pay an additional tax if they do not have coverage. My business doesn’t make enough money to pay for employees healthcare (Oh course my business has higher rates due to my son’s diabetes). I do pay above minimum wage on my five employees, and I could bring pay rates down to afford coverage. That would still not cover the $500 to add spouse and $500 to cover children. So what happens, I lose my employees to the corporations (that liberals hate so much) that have premiums a fraction of what I pay. I could lose everything if I have no employees. We already had a medicaid system to cover low income individuals. Most of the un-insured were people who could afford insurance and chose not to pay for coverage or had pre-existing conditions. Why did we not create a government pool for individuals with pre-existing . Or give a special tax break to those of paying outrageous costs with a qualifying sick family member. This plan will hurt the small business owners. Small firms:
    • Represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms.
    • Employ half of all private sector employees.
    • Pay 44 percent of total U.S. private payroll.
    • Generated 65 percent of net new jobs over the past 17 years.
    • Create more than half of the nonfarm private GDP.
    • Hire 43 percent of high tech workers ( scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and others).
    • Are 52 percent home-based and 2 percent franchises.
    • Made up 97.5 percent of all identified exporters and produced 31 percent of export value in FY 2008.
    • Produce 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms.

  5. Some things are more important than money. MOST things are more important than money. At the top of that list? Human health and welfare.

    Agree something needs to be done. ObamaCare is a start…it’s DEFINITELY not the end. The costs you have to deal with Mike aren’t going down if the status quo continues. Obamacare will cover millions more people, and independent analysis indicates costs to government will be flat or actually decline. It’s win-win.

    But…it’s definitely NOT “all or nothing”. Obamacare is a start. A lot more needs to be done to help reign in costs, both for individuals, and for small businesses like yours.

  6. Very Sorry for your health issues.

    Just don’t mandate that me, my family or others join the risk pool to subsidize your costs at the expense of us. We shouldn’t have to be forced to subsidize costs for others.

    What else will the Fed Gov’t mandate upon us if this passes?

  7. Of course not Harvey. This is America! Every man for themself! To hell with HELPING anyone else.

    THAT’S the America we know and love. JUST like the Republican debates, where the audience screamed “YES!!!!” when the moderator asked if a sick person without insurance should just be allowed to die.

    Thankfully, YOU and no one in YOUR family will ever get sick. And if they do? Eh…no biggie. Just let ‘em die. ‘Tis the American way…

  8. Sadly, Obamacare will not be a perfect solution for Type 1s. As the mother of a Type 1, I do want the pre-existing condition component. But as the mother of a T1, who uses a pump/cgm and has pretty darn good health care right now, and fantastic a1c results, I do not want to become like Europe/Great Britain where advances are approved faster than here but not available to the public through nationalized health care. I’ve been amazed by the number of people around the world who seek out US diabetes blogs to learn more about equipment and treatment. Nationalized health care, as has been proven in the countries that have it, will advocate for the ‘cheapest’ way to manage T1–not the best. And what is the cheapest? Back to insulin shots from syringes. Tell me how Obamacare will guarantee that every child with T1 will have access to an insulin pump?? A cgm? The artificial pancreas when it becomes available? In the eyes of the public, diabetes is an “easy” disease…no biggie, just take insulin. An ultimately, like in Europe, people who can afford better healthcare will find it through private sources and the majority of us will be stuck with long lines, few choices, and decisions made based on cost, not the best interest of the patient.

  9. Oh, I agree, Obamacare isn’t anything close to a perfect solution for Type 1s, or for health care in general. U.S. health care in general has major problems, Obamacare or not. But, Obamacare is a LONG way from being “nationalized health care”. It’s nothing close to the model of Great Britain, Canada, or any other western nation where the government has a large say in controlling health care. Private industry and private insurance companies still rule the day under Obamacare.

    So, a direct comparison to European nations isn’t really a fair comparison. But, even in nations where health care is government controlled, the pump is starting to gain more traction. There have been big strides in recent years in Canada, getting government health care to pay for pumps, where it’s already pretty much a given that children under 18 (or “children” under 25, depending on province) can get access to a pump. I think access is worse in Great Britain, where I think you have to show you can’t control your blood sugars with injections, before being given access to a pump.

    I agree with you, that in situations like that, where expensive health care is seemingly rationed, it’s not a good system for T1 folks. But that’s not where Obamacare is taking health insurance in the U.S.

    It just sucks overall that people, especially kids, who could really benefit from a pump, aren’t given access because of $$$$. Doesn’t matter if it’s the U.S., Canada, Great Britain or elsewhere, or if the reasons are lack of insurance coverage, or “rationed” health care under a national system. The end result really stinks for families with Type-1 kids.

  10. President Obama has stated that he wants a universal, single payer health care system and the affordable care act is a step on the road to his desired destination. ( for proof, just google Obama and single payer for videos of him saying this). As a type 1 mom myself, I agree with t1 mom and mike. First of all, every type 1 child in America has access to a pump through healthy kids/Medicaid. My son has this coverage for his pump. The pre-existing condition thing has got to be dealt with, but in a better way than obamacare. Are you serious about keeping your child on your insurance until the age of 26???? A 26 year old man on his Daddy’s insurance plan??? No wonder so many 30 year old men these days act like teenagers playing video games for hours each day instead of interacting in the real world.

    Families who do not qualify for Medicaid for their children have got to make some choices in life. My oldest child is 10 and we have gone on a 5 day vacation once in 10 years with my in-laws. We just can’t afford it. I buy all our clothes second hand and we have trac phone someone loaned us to use up the service time they had left, otherwise, no cell phone. We have no cable or satellite TV. If we did not qualify for Medicaid for our son, we would probably sell our house and rent a studio apartment in order to afford our son’s pump. My point is that people who truly cannot afford insurance can have their children covered through Medicaid, people who do not qualify can afford insurance or treatment if they downsize their life.
    As I said, the pre existing thing can be dealt with through simpler legislation – not thousands of pages of legislation burdening business and putting so much power in the hands of government. I am a veteran and use Va healthcare system for myself. I can tell you the docs are great, but if you have to rely on a civil servant to take care of paperwork or other details it is a nightmare. I have never seen anything like it and I shudder to think of my son’s type 1 care being handled by this type of system.

  11. Good lord. Yes, health insurance coverage has a LOT to do with teenagers playing video games. Things would be MUCH better in this little scenario:

    “Hey Son!! Stop playing video games! MAN UP!! I’m dropping you from my insurance coverage!! You’re a MAN now, damnit!! SUCK IT UP!! What’s that? You have cancer and can’t get health insurance? TOO BAD! This is AMERICA damnit!

    Healthcare should NOT be about “choices in life”. EVERY DAMN WESTERN NATION IN THE WORLD, EXCEPT for the U.S., makes health care a RIGHT, not a privelege based on ability to pay. I find it absolutely disgusting that Americans continue to back a paradigm where we spend more than the rest of the world COMBINED on our military…but when it comes to medical care, it’s about “chocies in life”, and your ability to pay.

    We’re the most powerful nation on earth. We’re the richest nation on earth. And yet our priorities are such that we’d rather buy a $25 billion Navy Destroyer, than ensure that all Americans have access to adequate medical care.

    God forbid we put any “power in the hands of government”. This is America, after all! We just KNOW that capitalism and the free market will magically cure our health care ills, without any govvernment involvement, right? For-profit health care! That will cure our ills! Where the profit margin trumps patient health!

  12. We are the richest most powerful nation on earth because of our long tradition of adherence to personal responsibility and the rights and freedoms of the individual, not inspite of these things. I guess I don’t see healthcare as a fundamental right. Obamacare has actually made healthcare more of a mandate than a right anyway. What about the person who makes a modest income and wants to spend their disposable income on a health club membership and more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of health insurance? Maybe they believe investing in a healthy lifestyle is better insurance for their health than medical insurance and cannot afford both. Under obamacare, this person has no choice, they must fork over for a health plan or be fined. This is not personal freedom. BTW – why are you so hostile and dismissive? You seem so closed minded and angry. Obamacare is the law -remember? I should be the one who is angry and annoyed.

  13. Health care isn’t a fundamental right? Someone is ill, and it’s not society’s responsibility to care for that person?

    THAT is the attitude on the right that I find shocking. The “me” attitude, the lack of compassion, the disinterest in helping others. We are the ONLY western nation where health care is NOT a fundamental right.

    I find that, frankly, embarassing. I am ashamed of American’s disinterest in helping others in need.

  14. Our family is close to the poverty line. My son is getting the state of the art omnipod insulin pump through taxpayer funded medicaid in the good old USA.

    If we lived in the UK, we would be using syringes – my three year old getting 4-6 shots a day……day after day after day. Which society is more compassionate in this instance???

  15. There are nearly 50 million uninsured in the U.S. For them, a severe illness can mean financial ruin. For them, the choice may be eating, or going to the doctor to get a problem checked out. For them, there IS no “compassion” in America, no choice for medical coverage.

    Which is more compassionate? I’d say the society that makes sure everyone who needs medical coverage has access to it. I’d say the society where medical care isn’t dependent upon your ability to pay, but on your medical need.

  16. You have been listening to too much NPR or CNN/msnbc. No one goes without healthcare in this country if they really want it.  I have a friend who received hundreds of thousands of dollars of free medical care for melanoma at the good neighbor clinic of Dartmouth hitchcock medical center.  My neighbor also received psychiatric help from them.  My mother had two surgeries for trigemnal neouralgia pro bono through another program in ohio  because she did not have insurance.  My son is getting is type 1 care through Medicaid.  I could list other examples of uninsured folks who received needed care -yet I know not one personal example of someone who was refused treatment do to inability to pay or lack of insurance.  I have found the examples cited in the media to be disingenuous when investigated.  Can you list a personal acquaintance who was refused treatment?  

  17. You have been listening too much to right-wing radio commentators, who make it sound all sugar and spice for the poor and uninsured. We’ve helped to lead the local JDRF walk, and have gotten to know many families with Type-1 kids. I know of many familes who ARE having their child use insulin shots, as they cannot afford a pump, and have absolutely no recourse to help pay for one.

    Over SIXTY PERCENT of bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical costs. I know two families who have been devastated by catostrophic illness, both from the standpoint of the illness itself, as well as the financial burden due to lack of insurance (or poor insurance). But I suppose that 60% bankrupty number is “disingenuous” for you? I’m sure the roughly 1 million people a year declaring bankruptcy due to medical bills are all faking it? Some made up number from NPR or CNN/MSNBC (you know, actual NEWS sources, unlike Fox “News”?).

  18. Also -45 million people or 15percent of Americans receive foodstamps. If someone is poor enough to choose between a doctor visit or a meal, they qualify of foodstamps. It is inflammatory to say people choose to eat or go to the doctor -it might help prove a point, but it is just not factual. I find the liberal left to be heavy on the inflammatory retoric and indignation, but rather light on facts and logic. How do you plead?

  19. I find most on the right wouldn’t know a “fact” or “logic” if it hit them square across the face. You provide a fact, and it’s ignored, and replaced with conjecture, or, ala Romney and Ryan…just replaced with an outright lie. ~1 million medical bankruptcies a year. A fact, but as is typical…you just blew right past it and ignored it.

    Do foodstamps help to pay for medical bills? Funny, I thought people used them for, you know, food. Silly me.

    How do I plead? I plead the TRUTH. I plead the FACTS. Most importantly, I plead COMPASSION for my fellow man…unlike those on the right, who only seem concerned about themselves.

  20. Are the families who say they cannot afford a pump driving 10 or more year old vehicle? Do they have cable tv? Do they eat out at restaurants? Do they live in a tiny apartment or mobile home instead of a more expensive home? Do spend money on sports or recreation? If they wanted a pump, they could probably make choices to afford one. If they cannotafford a home and a vehicle less than 5 years old or meals out, they probably qualify for healthy kids coverage.

    Bankruptcy is not the same as not getting treatment. Are you saying holding on to your wealth is a fundamental right or healthcare. You have not proven that people who need treatment are refused.

  21. Are you kidding me? Is THAT your argument? That this generic “they” could simply give up eating out to buy a pump? That people are choosing to eat out, drive new cars, and generally “live it up”, instead of buying an insulin pump for their child? Seriously???

    Man…that is SO out of touch with reality, it sounds like something Romney would say.

    A pump is around $7,000? $8,000? Three month supplies are around $1500? So the working poor without insurance could simply give up eating out, and $14,000 a year magically would result, allowing them to buy a pump?

    Again, it’s the absolutely TWISTED, and frankly disgusting, “logic” that health care is a choice. ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE SHOULD BE A RIGHT TO ALL HUMAN BEINGS. It should NOT be dependent upon your ability to pay. An illness should NOT result in financial ruin.

    It’s a disgusting, selfish, and unfathomable that those on the right will fight SO hard for the “Right” to carry weapons…but don’t consider health care a right.

  22. As a type I diabetic I have to say half of the arguments presented are off for both sides. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 11 and was placed on a pump at the age of 14. My parents had great insurance but with college and the recession my family nearly hit rock bottom. When I was in college I bartended and reimbursed my parents for the cost of the monthy insurance and paid for my own supplies. However with increased deductibles I was forced back to shots and off the pump. The insurance companies are a scam as much as doctors are and included are the pharmaceutical companies.

    After I graduated college have been forced to work two jobs, both full time, because my out of pocket monthlycosts for insulin and doctors visits are greater than my monthly student loan payments.

    In regards to the arguement about people carrying the cost for others…. I hold a degreee in biology, chemistry, and business economics; has anyone heard of medicare and social security? We already pay for socialized healthcare it is a matter of managing the funding and getting rid of the erronious billing.

  23. That’s what I hate about our current health care system, Austin…that people sometimes have to make a choice about whether to pay for medical care, or go without. You went from the pump to shots because you couldn’t afford pump costs. God knows that’s anything but a unique situation, as many families are forced to make a choice on how to treat their child’s diabetes, not because of what’s best for their child, but because of cost.

    Agree insurance companies are a huge issue as well. We’ve definitely had our fights with them.

  24. I have state insurance and a child with type 1. We have to fight and argue to get them to pay for anything. They will only pay for 5 strips a day when his doctor wants him to test more often. Sometimes 8 or more times a day. A lot of times the strips don’t work. So we end up paying for them. Even with insurance it is a huge cost burden. Now Obamacare will add more taxes to everything we buy. That pump will cost even more. This is a direct tax put on durable goods by the plan. I am also seeing our premiums raised considerably. On top of this, I’ve done the math, and it looks like it will be cheaper for my wife to quit her job and get the free healthcare (which you will pay for) than to pay the state/federal/fica taxes plus insurance premiums for the whole family. We are strongly considering this. It’s just sad.

    However, my real concern is that we will not be allowed to use the pump in the future as it is more expensive and injections are cheaper. Also, I can see that the artificial pancreas research will go away. Most of these great advances in pumps and medication that are keeping are children healthy were made in the United States, not in Europe or China or or Canada. Omnipod, Animas, Medtronic, Nipro, Humalog are all made by US companies. They were made under our current system. If the government takes too much control once costs spiral out of control, this could all go away.

    If the goal is to lower the standards of healthcare in order to make healthcare the same for everyone (except for the elite). To make all type 1s use injections and use today’s technology 20 years from now, then, yes, Obamacare is the way to go.

  25. “Obamacare will add more taxes to everything we buy”?? Seriously? Perhaps you should try putting your child’s well-being in front of your fucked-up politics. Perhaps you should also educate yourself about ObamaCare, and the objectively analyzed cost-savings and benefits…ESPECIALLY for a family with a child with Type-1.

    NONE of this is about “government control”. Are you SO blinded by hate that you REALLY see this as a government-fault issue? Are you just a Obamacare-hating troll with an axe to grind against Obama and liberals in general? There are so many lies and mis-statements about Obamacare and government “control” in your post that I don’t know where to start.

    BUWAHA-HA-HA-HA!! EVIL GOVERNMENT is conspiring to lower the standards of healthcare, and make you pay more! Buw-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! You’ve certainly got the right-wing fear-mongering down though! IF OBAMACARE TAKES HOLD, ALL DIABETICS ARE DOOMED!!!!

    How about looking at it from the perspective of your CHILD? I, for one, UNCONTROLLABLY SOBBED TEARS OF JOY when the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. IF your are indeed a T1 father and not just an anti-ObamaCare web-troll, perhaps you can get over your political hatred of Obama, government, and Obamacare, and take heart in the fact that:

    1) Your child with a lifetime disease will no longer be able to be denied coverage because of his/her pre-existing condition.
    2) Your child will always be assured to have access to insurance coverage, subsidized for the less-well off, ensuring that your child won’t go bankrupt due to medical costs brought on by his/her diabetes.
    3) You can maintain coverage for your child now until they are 25, giving him/her ample time to find his/her place in the world and obtain his/her own coverage.

    Good god man…are you REALLY so full of political hatred that you’d rather have ObamaCare eliminated, and have your child subject to all the hardships that someone with a long-term, “pre-existing condition”, has to face in today’s FOR PROFIT health care? Do you REALLY think that profit-based healthcare is better off without any government control?

    As a (real) Type-1 father…your post frankly just pisses me off.

  26. reading all these comments still has me very confused ! many keep stating the new Obamacare health plan says ” no pre existng” will be excluded! wow! wonderful! but read on my friends most type 1 diabetics using an insulin pump WILL have to go back to cheap needles!! do you really think the govt is going to let you use a very expensive insulin pump?? Wake up advances in diabetic care will cease! the govt will allow you your insulin but to be taken in the cheapest form possible and if you can prove otherwise to me and beg to differ I welcome the argument.. do the math here too many diabetics, the govt can never afford how each individual chooses to administer their insulin. I t will be a guided standard.. ” oh your insulin dependent this is how we will cover your disease! end of discussion.. no you cant have a tubeless insulin pump .. sorry .. shoot up and shut up.. how horrible for us all

  27. Karen…I think your email represents a lot of the misinformation and misunderstanding of the Affordable Care Act…

    It’s NOT the government providing you health care. It’s NOT the government deciding what is and what is not covered. Your coverage will still be provided by the same private insurance companies that provide coverage now. With the individual mandate, another 30-40 million Americans will be signed up for insurance. The purpose of the mandate…to increase the pool of Americans on health care…to increase the pool of HEALTHY Americans on insurance. The math doesn’t work if you just offer subsidized insurance, and only the sick sign up. Then costs go up for everyone. But with the vast majority of Americans covered by insurance under the ACA, “risk” goes down for insurance companies.

    If you’re currently on health insurance and have a pump…nothing is going to change for you. I suspect NOTHING will change from the standpoint of gaining coverage for a pump…some people are going to fight tooth-and-nail with their insurance companies to try and get coverage…some people will have no problem. It will depend on the individual insurance company, just as it does now.

    Note though that costs for insurance obtained through the ACA exchanges are coming in much LOWER than anticipated. That’s a great sign! It’s a sign that insurance companies are buying in, and the math works. It’s a sign that insurance companies DO believe they are about to sign on many more folks…including many more healthy folks.

    Don’t buy the negative hype Karen! THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT DECIDING YOUR HEALTH CARE. It’s just setting up laws to ensure coverage for folks. In the end, it’s still a private health insurance system.

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