Pope off his rocker – Scum of the Week #2

Given I just named a Catholic Bishop the “Scum of the Week”, I wasn’t going to dwell on this one very much.  However, this week, I’m inclined to just put a blanket label on the Catholic Church as a whole and call them the combined “Scum of the Week”.

A group of Catholic nuns in the U.S. were berated by his “holiness” for having a “radical feminist agenda”.  Their “sin”?  NOT actively lobbying against gay marriage, and NOT actively coming out and lobbying against abortion.  It wasn’t something they actually DID that got them in trouble.  They were focused on poverty issues and equal rights.

Silly nuns!! They should KNOW the Catholic Church these days does NOT stand for equality OR care about poverty issues.  The nuns were reprimanded for, well, for CARING, and for not acting like bigoted pigs that treat gays like something less than HUMAN BEINGS.

This pope is taking the Catholic Church backwards, not forwards.  To berate nuns for talking too much about poverty and equality?  Congrats, you are the first Pope that I have bestowed a “Scum of the Week” award to.

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  1. I agree with your choice again.

    One comment:
    I would not indict the entire Catholic Church. One point is that there are many denominations of Catholics – American Catholics, Liberal Catholics, Evangelical Catholics, United Catholics, etc.

    The bastards you are talking about are the Roman Catholics. (I use RCC, to denote “Roman Catholic Church.”) Even then, it’s not all the Roman Catholics. There are lots of wonderful RCCs who do not take the poop seriously or think he his anything special. I refer to the Vatican, and the entire RCC hierarchy. That means cardinals, bishops, archbishops, etc. The big Guys. Of course, in the RCC, it’s all guys.

    I began making that distinction when some of my dearest friends made me aware that what the Vatican and hierarchy does is very troubling to them, and they feel hurt when they are lumped in with those jackasses.

    Actually, the number of RCCs who closely follow what the Big Guys tell them is less than half.

    This guy, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger, and known by many RCCs are Pope RatsAss, seems to have few followers down his far right, ultra-regressive path. As it should be.

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