YEAAAAH BABY!! USA! USA! We’re Number Five in the World!

Old Sparky - Nebraska

Old Sparky, Nebraska's long-time method of execution. We can be proud, America! WE INVENTED the use of the electric chair to kill people!! But now, we're MUCH more civilized, as the use of the electric chair is in decline, as lethal injection is now the favored method to kill people. Give us another 240 years as a Nation, and maybe we'll reach the point where we're as civilized as the rest of Western democracies, where capital punishment isn't used at all.

YEAAAH Baby!!  We’re the United States of America, Damnit!!  We’re not at the bottom of the pack in ANYTHING!  We’re number 5 in the world, and movin’ on up!!  Given the direction the U.S. is going, I have NO doubt we can move up in the rankings!!  USA!  USA!  USA!!!

So to what am I referring?  Last year, we were fifth in the world in the number of people who were executed.  We are the ONLY member of the G-8 developed nations to execute anyone last year.  We are the only WESTERN DEMOCRACY that conducted executions last year.  When it comes to executing people, we are right up at the top with the likes of China, Yemen, North Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.  GREAT company to keep, in terms of countries known for horrible records on human rights.

Good ol’ American hypocrisy.  We talk a good talk, claiming that we stand for freedom, civility, and human rights.  But, we’re also barbarians in the eyes of the world’s civilized democracies, given our love of the death penalty.  We also “bend the rules” however we see fit, such as detaining “enemy combatants”, even American citizens, without charge or legal representation, if it suits our perceived needs at the moment.   Thanks to our right-wing Supreme Court, as of this week, we’re also a nation where you can be humiliated and strip-searched for something as minor as a failure to leash your dog or pay a parking ticket (yes, those are real cases where “criminals” have been strip-searched).

We’re a Nation where the professed conservative, Christian Right has ranted and raved about America’s (lack of) morality, where these same “pro-life” forces can somehow simultaneously oppose abortion rights, yet whole-heartedly and often quite vociferously support executions, praise our leaders when we bomb the hell out of any other Nation that irks us (or threatens our precious oil supplies), or even support the use of violence as a way to  back up their “pro-life” message.  We’re a Nation where providing health care for any American in need is less important than maintaining tax breaks for the richest (and often most corrupt) of Americans.  We’re a Nation where we evidently measure our own ”morality” not by our actions, but by our (very hypocritical) words.

In America, we’re a people who act as if we’re the worlds moral authority, as if we’re the Nation that has “got it right”.  Look at the actual evidence, however, and in many ways we ARE Yemen…North Korea…China…or Iran.  Why should Iran or China pay any attention to our whining about human rights, given our own record?

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  1. Capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime; it is revenge for heinous acts of an unspeakable nature. Since there is no way to “give” someone a conscience, it shouldn’t be seen as any different from taking the life of a fetus, to those who declare they are “pro-life”. Life is NOT a box of chocolates–one can’t pick and choose which lives to save and which to murder, if that’s one’s mindset. And the sordid history in this nation of “stringing them up”, electric chairs, which were often flawed, chemicals which often don’t work–the whole sordid practice is wrong.

  2. State executions are just shameful.
    False “theocrats” who support it, are just sinful.

  3. I have read all your articles and for the most I agree. I am a christian but I also believe in the death penalty. Don’t get all upset I see your views and don’t say your wrong but the people that get the penalty did take a life and also life from who know’s how many. In the bible did not the lord flood the earth and have just a few in a arch live? I don’t know and I never will what the lord would do but till the evil doer’s stop I hope this would at least slow them down. I don’t want a argument cause I respect your opinion.

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