Daily Archives: April 19, 2012

Scum of the Week: Bishop Daniel Jenky

Calling a Catholic Bishop the “Scum of the week”???? You’re damned straight.  I get SO sick of those on the right sensationalizing EVERYTHING.   Bishop Daniel Jenky this week was comparing Obama’s “radical, extreme secularist agenda” to what happened under Hitler and Stalin, claiming Obama is waging a full-out culture war on Catholicism and religion in general.

All I have to say Bishop Jenky…GIVE…ME…A…$UCKING…BREAK.   PLEASE, Bishop Jenky, enlighten me as to the tremendous pressure the church is under from the Obama administration.  Is religious freedom threatened in ANY way by the Obama administration?  If you bring up the contraception issue, please, just shut the hell up.  Calling that a “culture war” and an attack on the church, and comparing it to Hitler and Stalin?  Really?  The Obama administration has already caved and is providing all kinds of loopholes for religious organizations on the contraception coverage issue.  Don’t you feel just a WEE bit like a jackass, Bishop Jenky, for comparing that to religious oppression under Hitler and Stalin?

Obama has been in office for almost 3 1/2 years, but yet wackos like Jenky, or ROMNEY for god’s sake, are claiming that it’s the NEXT four years where Obama’s evil secularist plans will really take shape.  When the contraception thing was made into an artificial controversy, those on the right claimed it was just the beginning of a war on religion that Obama planned to wage after the 2012 election.   It’s not just this, the right tries to play up EVERYTHING as if the end of the world is nigh.   From The Lorax movie to Obama, EVERYTHING seems to be part of some evil liberal conspiracy to turn America into a religious wasteland and a communist haven.

Just shut the hell up.  There is NOTHING threatening your religious freedom in the U.S., you’re free to do pretty much whatever the hell you want.  But that doesn’t seem to be enough for many, who seemingly won’t be happy until some nutjob like Rick Santorum sits in the Oval Office and turns America into a full-blown theocracy.

Congrats for winning this week’s award, Bishop Jenky, it’s well deserved.  The one thing you’re right about, Bishop Jenky, is that there IS a very dangerous, radical element in America today that wants to drastically change the historical framework of the Nation.  But it sure as hell isn’t Obama, it’s that guy you see in the mirror every morning.