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Good for you, Sen. Adelstein

South Dakota Senator Stan Adelstein

South Dakota Senator Stan Adelstein - Had the guts to change course and take back his support of a bill he sponsored on public unions.

I was just going to add a response to an earlier post, about the South Dakota legislature and their attempts to limit collective bargaining rights for public employees in the state.  However, when someone reverses course and rights a wrong, I think they deserve recognition.  God knows it can be damned difficult to change your opinions sometimes, whether you’re Republican,Democrat, black,white,purple,Christian,Muslim,Martian, etc.

R-Stan Adelstein, a South Dakota senator from Rapid City, was a sponsor of the bill that attempted to limit the power of public unions.  I ripped him, and the rest of the legislature, for bringing this bill up.  Today, Adelstein reversed his support for the bill, saying “I am not afraid to admit a mistake and attempt to set it right.” 

Way to go Sen. Adelstein…I salute you.  You have more courage to admit a mistake than I do sometimes.

Drawing – Great Auk

Great Auk - Drawing by Terry SohlWith a work trip, it’s been over a week since I’ve been able to draw anything.  I thought I’d continue my trend of trying to draw things I don’t have photos of.  And, as with my Carolina Parakeet and Ivory-billed Woodpecker drawings, here’s another I’m quite unlikely to ever get a photo of!  This is a drawing of a Great Auk.

In case you don’t know the story of the Great Auk…they were the largest of the “Alcid” family, birds that include the puffins that most people are familiar with.  They were almost 3 feet tall and weighed over 10 pounds, and were often considered the Northern Hemisphere’s ecological counterpart to the penguin.  They were flightless, large, and easy to catch, and thus both they and their eggs were targeted as a food source.  By 1800 they were already extremely scarce in North America, and had been wiped out in Europe centuries before that.  The last bird was thought to have been sighted in 1852.

Another magnificent, unique species that we will never again have the pleasure of seeing.

And the hits keep on a comin’ – SD Legislature

R-Stan Adelstein

Stan Adelstein, another grumpy white male SD legislator with a personal agenda he wants to impose on the entire state.

Man, when the South Dakota legislature gets on a roll, there is NO stopping the endless string of bad legislation. We already know our South Dakota legislators are gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’ white boys who want the rest of the world to be, well…gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’ white boys. I also swear to god South Dakota legislators are the most easily influenced group of people this side of middle-school girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

Unions are evil!! The REST of the right-wing GOP establishment SAYS so!! So by god, our brilliant and innovative South Dakota legislators are going to fall RIGHT in line with the rest of the GOP, and do away with all the harm unions have done in the South Dakota. Repubs have filed a bill that would eliminate the right of public employees in the state to collectively bargain. After all, the idea has gone over SO well elsewhere, like in Wisconsin or Ohio, where voters rebelled against laws that restricted the rights of public workers to unionize and collectively bargain.

But hey, this is South Dakota. Our boys here are a little slow on the uptake. They’re JUST startin’ to pick up on this anti-union thing, and decided that they too needed to restrict public unions that have caused SO much harm in the state. Right? I mean, there has to be SOME reason they’re introducing this bill, other than the fact that our legislators here are a bunch of slack-jawed nincompoops who aren’t capable of doing anything but following the rest of the right-wing wackos in this country.

We already have wages that are the lowest in the country. Unions aren’t exactly causing businesses to fret over wages and benefits.   State and local governments aren’t being driven to the poorhouse by union-negotiated contracts.  So what possible reason IS there for Republicans to bring this bill up in South Dakota?

How about one MORE redneck, ass-backward South Dakota legislator with a burr up his butt?  R-Stan Adelstein is the major sponsor of the bill in the South Dakota Senate.  As Adelstein makes sure to point out, “I carry a concealed weapons permit“…something I guess Adelstein wants all those rabble-rousing union folk to know, in case they had any plans of messin’ around with him.  As the Argus Leader story above notes, Adelstein has had “run-ins” with unions before, in association with his engineering business.   What the hell, might as well take his own personal issues and make South Dakota teachers, fire fighters, policemen, and other public employees pay the price.

It’s ass-backwards.  It’s the South Dakota way.