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Perusin' & Musin'

Perusin and Musin'Some random thoughts from perusin’ the web…

Our feathered Dinosaurs FriendsFeathers preserved in amber from the end of the Cretaceous period show that at least some dinosaurs were indeed feathered.  “Feathers” & Folly is going to have to expand scope, and I’m going to have to start talking about dinosaurs as well as birds.

Obama – Be prepared to pay “your fair share” to cut deficitIn his Saturday radio address, Obama said Americans must be prepared to pay their fair share to cut the deficit.  That’s called REALITY.   On the other hand, we have John Boehner announcing this week that any new tax increases are off the table for the debt committee.  That’s called DELUSIONAL.   The fight over the debt committee’s work is shaping up to be just as painful as was the fight to raise thte debt limit, as the GOP refuses to acknowledge reality, and refuses to negotiate.

Pat Robertson – Divorce your spouse with Alzheimer’s – Pat Robertson gave advice this week that it’s justifiable to divorce your spouse if they have Alzheimer’s.   So much for Christian values and “till death do us part”.  It’s a horrible situation when a spouse gets Alzheimer’s, but I don’t care if it’s “like death” or not, divorcing a spouse because of an illness sure doesn’t sound “Christian” to me.

U.S. to Veto Palestine State Recognition in U.N. – The Palestinian president is taking his case for recognition of a Palestinian state to the U.N.  For reasons I won’t even pretend to understand, the Obama administration says the U.S. will veto that recognition in the Security Council.  The U.S. has been involved in peace talks between Israel and Palestinians for 20 years, and where has it gotten things?   A U.S. veto will spark Muslim outrage in the Middle East, and further strengthen the Muslim view of the U.S. as a villain and an obstacle to a Palestinian state.

Husker prediction – My prediction for today’s Nebraska game against Washington…After a rather pathetic defensive showing last week, a more fired up defense plays well, slowing down the run enough to be effective, and rattling a young Washington QB making his first start on the road.  On offense, Nebraska again struggles, but makes a few big plays.  Close game going into the fourth quarter, but Nebraska wins by a touchdown.   Nebraska 23, Washington 16